Sensor Size does not dictate DOF ...

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Re: Sensor Size does not dictate DOF ...


I could be talking nonsense, but I'm sure someone will correct me...

First the second point, "pixel-density does not dictate diffraction".

This must be true, indeed I would go as far as to say pixel-density does not affect diffraction!

Imagine a new technology that replaces digital sensors, it is an electronic version of film, still an analog recording medium.  To view the image on a computer we need to digitize it, we could produce a 1MP, 10MP, or 100MP image, but the original image is still the same.  The 100MP image would allow closer inspection to see the effect of diffraction from the lens, but the effect itself has not changed.

I always end up confusing myself on the first point, particularly when I think about the image produced, so maybe a practical example would help me.

Using my 50mm lens on my full frame camera I take a photo at ISO 400, f8, 1/200.

How do I reproduce the same final image using my 1.6 crop camera, and using my 2.0 crop camera?



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