Maybe a silly question on wide-angle lens

Started Dec 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
steephill Veteran Member • Posts: 9,861
It is difficult if you want a good one

It would have to be significantly better than any zoom - compare the DA14 with the DA12-24, prime one stop faster but worse overall performance. And it is unlikely to be any cheaper than a zoom. They would sell less so development cost must be spread over fewer sales.

There isn't much need for fast wide angles. Even at f2.8 the DA14 has a large depth of field. The other advantage of fast lenses, more light therefore faster shutter speed, is less of a problem. As focal length falls so does the minimum shutter speed needed to avoid blur. Add in SR and there isn't much benefit. It would be a real niche lens.

And there isn't much demand or Nikon and Canon would be offering lots which they don't. Sigma do but reckon there isn't enough demand to justify making Pentax versions.

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