NEX-F3 frustration--is this related to ISO 200?

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your NEX-F3 frustration is related to shooting FULL SUNLIT scenario vs FULLY SHADOWED scenario

ShinyFace wrote:

Panasonic FZ-series

...being uneducated

the brightest zones in this 1st pic are the sky and its reflection in water (40% area)
the darkest zones are the trees/foliage/boat, beach grounds FULLY SUNLIT (60%) with clearly distinct sunshadows.

at dusk with similar lighting

NO... the only similarity is that it was sunny at dusk

the brightest zones in this 2nd pic below are the sky behind the mountains and minority portion of the mountan tops (40% area)
the darkest zones are the rocks/bush-foliage/road/ground/ROAD ENTIRELY IN SHADOWS (60%) none being directly sunlit (you are shooting in the shadow, and your subject MOSTLY is IN the SHADOW ENTIRELY) There are no HARSH distinct shadows, because your exposure is set to target the entire shadowed landscape in view. (this is why the sky here appears so nearly blown out)

that's a BIG difference. (it's identical to taking a shot in the SHADOW of a building shadowed by larger objects (more mountains behind you?) at dusk (or even indoors; and expecting indoor 'shadowed' scenery to look 'right') vs a shot on the sunny side of a fully sunlit building (both facing away from the sun))

NEX-F3, ISO 200, f/4, 1/60, 1EV (kit 18-55)

so the comparison is of extremes, rather than similarities.

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