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Re: Canon FD on Nikon

The challenge is of course the registration distance:

  • FD 42 mm
  • F 46,5 mm

As everyone surely know, to use a lens with longer registration distance, you will have to increase the distance between the lens and the camera mount, to retain infinity. So, to use a Nikon F lens on a FD camera, a adaptor of (46,5 mm - 42 mm) 3,5 mm is needed. That is easy to make.

To use a lens with shorter registration distance, you will have to decrease the distance between the lens and the camera mount. So, to use a FD lens on a F mount camera, you need to make the distance (42 mm - 46,5 mm) minus 3,5 mm. The only way to make a adaptor of -3,5 mm is to include optical elements, with loss of quality.

But it MAY be possible to adapt the FD lens without an optical adaptor. FD lenses has been adapted for use on a camera with a registration distance of 44 mm, by removing shims and shaving thickness off the mount plate (on the inside).

In this case you would use a F mount and see how much you could shave off (with a lathe) and see if there are shims that can be removed. It may not at all be possible, and it will reender the FD lens useless on FD mounts.

Worth it? I have no idea.

Palin0_0 wrote:

Does someone has any experience with a Canon FD adapter llenses on nikon bodies,.....does the lenses work well?, focus to infinity,? are they sharp, soft etc.........pls advise I want to try on a D2xs bodies but dot know if worth it......Thanks in Advance


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