X10 or G15?? Opinions??

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X10 or G15?? Opinions??

I posted this a couple of days ago in the Canon PS forum. Thought I would give the Fuji forums a try. Trying to decide whether to go with an X10 or the G15...

"In an attempt tom make up my mind I physically handled both the X10 and the G15 for the first time last night at the NYC B&H. Here are my impressions:

The X10 seems more well made. Better construction, less use of plastic, sturdier, heavier, etc. Not that the G15 is a piece of junk, it is definitely solidly constructed as well, but the X10 just feels better in the hand and feels as though it will last a lifetime.

The G15 has a much better menu screen. The interface is better organized, cleaner and much more intuitive. Both cameras utilize a rotating wheel as the main control (delete up, macro left and flash right) and all other buttons are basically the same. The X10’s menu screen isn’t that bad at all, but the G15 has an advantage.

The X10 definitely wins in the looks category. Its retro vibe is really cool and has the feeling of an old-school, tough as nails rangefinder. The G15 doesn’t have a bad design either. I like its traditional camera shape and clean lines but in terms of straight aesthetics the X10 wins by far.

Initially I was very psyched about the X10’s manual zoom, thinking it was a pretty neat feature on a modern camera. Have to say though, after last night’s play session I am not as thrilled. Somehow I think the X10 is too small of a camera to be used with two hands. It was a bit awkward to look through the viewfinder, zooming with my left while still holding and shooting with my right. Even framing with the rear screen while using the manual zoom proved a bit unwieldy. The G15’s normal zoom control, though slower and possibly less precise, is definitely more convenient retains the ability to use with one hand.

As for size it’s six of one, half a dozen of the other. The X10 is “smaller” but the lens sticks out about a half inch and makes it less conducive to pocket storage. On the other hand, as stated in the above post, when the G15 is turned off and the lens is retracted it is quite thin and would probably fit easier in a pant or coat pocket even if the overall camera profile is larger.

One interesting and additional thing I noticed is the X10’s lack of a tripod mount. Now, being beginner and absolute amateur, I have never used a tripod but it is a nice feature to have in the future just in case. The G15 does have a tripod mount.

In terms of picture quality they are not doubt both great and able cameras. Thought it was hard to ascertain in-store both the X10 and G15 took really great shots, both sport 12MP and both have relatively the same sensor size. The Canon gives the impression of a serious “shooters” camera while the Fuji, definitely up to par and by no means a slouch, give the impression of a bit of a show-piece.

Finally, while both companies are well established camera manufacturers, Canon is certainly one out of the two main industry leaders, because of that I have a bit more confidence in their product.

Anyway, regardless of all the above, I still can’t decide."

Canon PowerShot G15 Fujifilm X10
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