Red banding on High ISO/LE shots on D800 + 16-35

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Re: Red banding on High ISO/LE shots on D800 + 16-35

Tenoch wrote:

Rebel04 wrote:

Tenoch wrote:

Rebel04 wrote:

Hi guys,

I'm interested to buy this lens...did you solve this problem?

I read here that there are copies of the lens that don't produce red streaks, and copies that do...


The problem cannot be solved; it appears to be a flaw with the VR unit. You need to try multiple copies until you find one that works. Note that based on my experience the fault can develop into the life of the lens (I shot a few batches of star trails with no issues before I noticed this problem), so personally I do not recommend this lens if you wish to use it for astrophotography.

There are no problems under most conditions, so for 99% of purposes it's fine. But don't buy it planning to do star trails or risk disappointment.

thank you Tenoch!

argh, I would like to use this lens also for long exposure (day and even at night)

but does the problem remain if you turn off the VR?

I did some LE work during the day with no issues; but it depends how long you are exposing for I guess. I was going for about 2 minutes at ISO 100/f16 or so (Big Stopper). When you compare this to the night-time LEs for star trail work, it is still a significantly lesser exposure.

Eg I was seeing this problem at shutter 2m, f4, ISO 3200 which is letting in orders of magnitude more light than my daytime setting, and the sensor is significantly more sensitive to light. Thus, you *might* find that very very long exposures at low ISO, say 15-30m or so may result in the red banding as well. But this is just a theory; I did not test it.

VR causes the fault but turning it off (it should always be off on a tripod) does not fix it. Because it is not really 'off', in the sense that there is still power going to the unit which is what appears to be causing the light reflections/leaks inside the lens barrel.

"Normal" LE work was fine with the lens, but if you are going to be doing extremely long exposures, or long exposures wide open at high ISO, steer clear. I suggest the 17-35 or the Zeiss 21mm (which is what I switched to.)

thank you a lot again!

so for exposures of about 4-5 minutes (ND filters and ISO 100) in your experience there isn't any problem?

and for startrails (sum of many images, for example images of 30 sec ISO 4000) there could be problems in your opinion?

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