What is the professional future of the Nikon 1 system?

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Re: What is the professional future of the Nikon 1 system?

extesd wrote:

First I think it is important to define the "philosophies of use", just as some cameras are designated as "amateur" or "professional" regardless of application. The Nikon 1 J1-2 come in a plethora of funky colors, the D3X does not. This is because Nikon has different target audiences for the J1-2 or D3X. Nikon expects the people who might buy the J1-2 to be more concerned about apearance, it may come in sun-dance orange. On the other hand the D3X does not come in sun-dance orange (yet, we can only hope). The D3X comes in something like professional-journalist black, because although pixy-fart purple is funky, it doesn't command the same respect in Fallujah (although this might prevent some journalists from being mistaken as insurgents). The point here is that although Nikon could produce sun-dance orange D3X it doesn't because the D3X isn't meant to be funky, its meant to be professional. The J1-2 comes in a magnificent rainbow of colors because Nikon most likely imagines the end user taking pictures of themselves and the house cat, while spinning in circles in their bed room for "blurry background". At this point I think it is important to restate that although cameras are marketed to certain cultures, this doesn't mean you can't take professional grade photos with your J1-2. The V1 fits in the same paradigm as the J1. Perhaps the V1 consumer is more experianced and knows the value of having an electronic view finder, but still recognizes the importance of Ashton Kutcher's mullet in photography (http://one.nikonusa.com/?cid=12n1hol158e).

And the people wept.

And Nikon created the V2.

I think that the Nikon 1 system has made serious strides towards serious enthusiast credibility with the V2. The Nikon 1 system, has allot to offer. Its image quality is much higher than majority of compacts and it has the potential to be a small and light weight platform. This functionality is realized in the V2. Functionality is important to enthusiasts and more serious photographers. The V2 appears to be Nikon's answer to the complaints that serious photographers had with the V1, which was that it wasn't very serious. Nikon learnt quickly that people don't care so much what color the V series camera comes in, people care if it the camera functions optimally in practice.

I would like to see a professional grade Nikon 1 system camera (perhaps V series), is this too much to ask for?

People run in fear when I take out my D7000, when I pull out my Canon S90 they smile and perhaps jazz hands. The V1 is small and innocious, it doesn't scream "I'm going to put you on CNN." perhaps allowing me to get the shot that I want. Its also light weight I could run around town and never get tired. Its already made with a magnesium body.

So my question is what changes to the Nikon 1 system would have to be made in order for you to take the Nikon 1 system serious in a professional capacity? Please remember that Nikon will most likely NEVER change the sensor size so its not an acceptable request. For those that already use the Nikon 1 system in a professional capacity, good for you much respect for finding the right tool for your job.

There is no professional future!

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