Users of the Sigma & Sony 50 f-14

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Re: Users of the Sigma & Sony 50 f-14

Sure it has updated coatings, but there is only so much you can do with updated coatings.

They make a huge difference. The major difference is adding coating on the rear element (often called "digital coating") which vastly improves (but unfortunately does not completely eliminate) sensor reflections.

It is still the same optical design, IE: the same glass. Updated coatings might give better resistance to flare, or slightly less sensor reflection, but it isn't going to do miracles.

It is, indeed, going to do miracles. Enough miracles to please everyone? I doubt that kind of miracles exist. But the difference is nothing short of remarkable, pushing the usable area of the lense much further than with film style coatings.

In the most extreme cases, of course, the difference will not even be visible - with the sun shining in unobscured through the lense and reflecting on the sensor the difference will be almost none. But when approaching these extremes there will be a big difference in when the lense exhibits too much flare and reflection to be useable.

Copy variation probably has more of a factor in overall IQ than updated coatings.

I would like to see some evidence for this; it flies is the face of both the nature of coating improvement and any tests I've seen, several of which were linked in this topic.


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