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Phil Hill wrote:

yellodog wrote:

If you don't believe that deep down in side why don't you sell your MkIII and Canon lenses and buy a something for a 1/10 th of the price? The difference would be enough for some serious travelling.

What an absurd thing to say. Where is that coming from? I don’t know how you could possibly get that from any of my posts. Why not stick to photography instead of offering financial advice?

It’s true that I don’t believe in magical lenses that automatically deliver “wow” (which is all I was trying to say), but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the benefits of quality gear.

For the record, my best lenses aren’t made by Canon, but when I manage to get one of those “wow” shots I believe it has more to do with knowing how to get the best a lens has to offer, rather than the lens itself.

By the way, I’ve seen plenty of “wow” photos taken by friends with the lowly kit lens. If that was all I could afford, I’m confident that I could make it work. I started out with much less.

I think you're missing the OP's point, this is about when the lens helps you get that extra something.  Like an ultra wide angle giving that extra perspective, an 85 f/1.2 giving a fabulous bokeh, a fast zoom with IS allowing you to get that sports shot with sharpness yet blurred background, a good tele that grabs that BIF with detail and sharpness...

The photographer makes the first difference, and the equipment the second one.

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