Poll: WFT-E5 users (wireless file transmitter for the 7D)

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Re: Poll: WFT-E5 users (wireless file transmitter for the 7D)

Mark B. wrote:

40d_dane wrote:

Well it was my theory that noon or only very few people use the WFT. The lack of responses thus far indicate that this may indeed be the case...

I would love to have one, but it's a very expensive accessory. I go the cheap route and tether with a USB cable if I want to transfer whle shooting.

Well actually it's rather limited in functionality. In no way does it match the 7D in terms of functionality provided. And considering the electronic components involved it really is ridiculously overpriced. I'm not sure that I would buy one again - I just decided to get one to reduce the risk of disturbing the birds I've been photographing. The well being of their offspring seemed well worth the price (and still does).

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