Converting RAW to JPG

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Re: Converting RAW to JPG

At a given number of pixels the 5mb file will have less quality (information) than the 10mb file. LR can also produce 5mb files, 2mb files ans so on. If the 5mb file looks good enough use it, sometimes the difference is hard to see. As the quality goes down posterization will for instance appear, instead of smooth transitions blocks of color/ tone. Often to be seen in blue skies.

I think you can set infraview to output at 10mb as well.

Also reducing the number of pixels will reduce the size of the jpeg. If low enough one can easily see the pixels. A small picture (thumbnails and so on) may only need 200 by 300 pixels for instance. This small size can also be output with high to low quality. Some years ago mailing a file above say 100kb often was not allowed jpeg compression was necessary.

Take a RAW file and output at different sizes and qualities to see the differences. Lightroom is great for exporting for different conditions: make an export recipies, name and save the recipies, and use them again and again.

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