Poll: WFT-E5 users (wireless file transmitter for the 7D)

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Re: Poll: WFT-E5 users (wireless file transmitter for the 7D)

apersson850 wrote:

From what you read, I presume you want to work with the WFT server mode in your WFT-E5, right?

Yes, you are right - I'm using WFT server mode.

Since we're both in the same region, I'd assume your's is also a WFT-E5B, but I don't think that makes any difference, except for which channels you can use.

Yes, it's a B and I also don't think that it matters.

Thinking about it, I've used my WFT connected to an infrastructure network when using this function. When I used it in ad-hoc mode, it was to upload to an FTP server, and the computer running the server was continuously on and active.

In both cases, there's no question about loosing the connection with the network, of course. So I haven't suffered from the issue you have. However, even without actually testing, I'm pretty sure that it would do what you describe, i.e. change from "connected" (steady green light) to "error" (flashing red light) if the other part in the ad-hoc connection goes off-line. And then you need to restart it again, yes.

Well, if you connect to a mail server and download your mails and disconnect, would you expect to have to physically go to the server and restart it in order to be able to check for mails again after say half an hour ? To me that doesn't really sound like a server - that's more like what you would expect from at client. I have to admit that I haven't worked professionally with ad-hoc WiFi so maybe I'm missing something ? Why would you expect a server using an ad-hoc connection to go into a black hole error mode rather than wait for a new ad-hoc connection ?

I can actually try it if you want me to. Just to confirm mine works the same.

Actually that may help if I could tell Canon support that others have seen the same behavior even though they haven't reported it as a support case.

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