Question on using the p7700 with manual focus setting

Started Dec 5, 2012 | Questions thread
OP Baraseth Junior Member • Posts: 45
Re: Question on using the p7700 with manual focus setting

sorry for not being specific. I'm talking about "auto focus" manual where I can move the autofocus button around to choose the focus point, not where the cameras blows up the focus area in large detail to do a manual focus.

I agree with Mallbuedel that trying to move the autofocus point, then checking to make sure the aperture and shutter speed are still all right is too complicated.  By the time I did all that, the subject would have changed.

I'd rather not use the technique of center point, focus and recompose, but that does seems the easiest way, and the reason I bought the camera was for when I didn't want to lug the big SLR around.   I may have to live with this limitation unless I can find a setting to get my p7700 to behave like Sicherheit's.

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