GH3 vs. D800 Shot on the Same Job.

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Re: AF Tracking clip form GH3

ShootSmarter Dude wrote:

Bob Meyer wrote:

Hi Bob,

I have uploaded a video of one of the few test clips where the GH3's AF tracking did not make the shot. Will pointed the 35-100mm lens into the setting sun (notice the flare in the opening portion) and rolled on the brown dog. It tracked really well left and right, but when the dog trotted back toward the camera it could not keep up. We would not expect it to in this kind of light anyway.

I did a similar GH2/14-140 test with ideal consistent lighting and a human walking at constant speed past the camera from head on to 60 degree angle to the right. The camera lost track at less than 40 degree and could not keep up with the apparent acceleration of movement and angular change to the right as the subject gets closer to the camera. So while it is slightly better with a human face and facial recognition, C-AF is still not that good.

Wayne says that if we were to have enabled the face detection function on the GH3 here it would have held a better focus line. We did not think it was fair to use Face Detect on the GH3 because the D800 face detect seems to confuse it more than help it.

Here's what I have for you:

hope this helps.

Look forward to reading, and seeing, more from about C-AF on this camera. Please post links to both the stills and vids from the GH3 on this shoot.

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