5dMKIII: worst AWB eva???

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Clarify 3

Third clarification: Raw is not an option, its high volume sports shoots (triathlon, road cycling, endurance horses).

I rely on the camera to focus (it does) i rely on the camera to auto expose (it does) and i rely on auto white balance.

If it is cloudy AWB is fine, if the subject is in shadow AWB is fine, if the there is direct sunlight falling on the subject around 1 hour before sunset or 1 hour after sunrise awb goes haywire. If a cloud passes across the face of the sun during that time  awb works fine, if the subject passes under the shade of a tree during that time the awb is fine.

This is at latitude 23 south, at latitude 41 south the result is much better. Sorry if i upset anyone, i'm just calling it as i see it.

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