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Re: Slightly different question about Zeiss

fft81 wrote:

I started couple threads about primes and i've seen even more from past years. I always "wanted" to think that zeiss lenses offer better IQ b/c of contrast and resolution than the nikon primes. But all the research i've done so far shows that zeiss and nikon primes are pretty much equal in terms of IQ. Build quality differs, but both are superb. I am only comparing the best lenses from the two manufacturers.

So, let me ask this question. Why should I buy a zeiss lens?

I've looked at MTF50 and MTF10 charts from both*_35_mm_f_1.4_ZE_ZF.2_Image_resolution.html

I've read zeiss MTF guide:

Search google for "Zeiss MTF" result is from

It seems like both zeiss and nikon G primes max out at ~45 lpmm. Some drop into 20 or in best case at 30 lpmm at largest apertures.

I want to try zeiss glass as opposed to nikon, (i have nikor 50 f/1.4 and nikon f/2.8 trinity) but what do i stand to gain from buying zeiss glass vs nikon f/1.4G? The detailed comparisons of "the best Xmm lens" can be endless. I am not asking about such a full comparison; I am asking about "what can zeiss lenses give me, that nikons can't?"

Essentially: FAR superior build quality and manual focus precision and 'feel' [*]; metal filter threads; proper DOF scales.

OTOH, you give up AF.

In the end, it's good to have a choice


[*] comparing ZF(2) lenses to modern G Nikkors here. The old AIS lenses are second to none build quality-wise.

Thanks ahead

P.S. Mostly doing walk around the streets or studio work.

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