Tethering the new iPad to Nikon DSLRs

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Re: Question for Bob

Ralf Ronander wrote:

Michael Firstlight wrote:

Is it worth doing? Well, if you want something that does image transfer 4-6 times faster than every other option and can support large image files, in a word, yes.


Battery option noted.

But you still need the cradle, even if you can tuck everything into a handle. And you still need a PC, yes?

You just need to power the dongle, so with a spare USB socket, something much more compact can be rigged up - many USB nattery chargers had the right socket already in place.

I don´t see how you get 4-6 times faster transfer compared to a USB cable direct to your tablet, and as of your writing (if I haven´t misunderstood) you still has to keep within 10 meters.

It will be as fast as USB2, don't know what the working range is.

Sorry, compared to the wired option I don´t see the upside unless I have really missed something.

The upside is not being wired.

That said, I would love a little dongle that you can connect directly to the D800 and that does transfer at much higher speed than 480 Mbit/s at a reasonable price - and that is working at more than 10 meters.....

That would be good, but there are not the radio bands available to do that speed right at the moment.

Why Nikon (or a 3rd party) doesn´t supply a transmitter with good performance that fits in the hot shoe is beyond me.

Someone will do, but don't hope for ludicrous data rates.

BTW, the wUSB company Wisair seems to have gone bust, why you can't get them easily.


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