You know its coming....Canon's copycat RX100

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Re: Canon

Dimitri Khoz wrote:

Ok, Guys.

Let me start with the common knowledge that

Sony is not a leader in Digital Cameras production/design, it plays the 3rd roles and "catch-up game" by default,

however it has a leading position in the image sensor market.

Sony's image sensor revenue in 2012 is expected to expand by 48% comparing to the previous year when the industry on average is expected to grow only by 19%.

Yes, RX100 design is a copycat of Canon, but the 1' CMOS sensor is unique.

Paired with the small body makes this camera sell like hotcakes

until people realise that new 1/1.7' compacts with bright lenses (LX7,G15,...) deliver even better IQ results for the half of the RX100's price

Where the real camera WAR is going to begin in 2013 -

it will happen in 1/2.3' sensored camera market.

In November 2012, Sony came up with the GROUNDBREAKING 1/2.3' sensor codenamed IMX117CQT.

We all know that best BSI 1/2.3' often rival regular 1/1.7' CMOS models in IQ up to the mid ISO ranges.

The only problem with 1/2.3' compact cameras is that they can not be equipped with bright lenses like f1.4-1.8 due to the pecularities of back-lit technology.

Now it got changed with Sony 12.4Mp IMX117CQT sensor released a couple of days ago.

"The light collecting characteristics of the IMX117CQT has been significantly optimized. As a result, it has half the shading of Sony's current sensors at the same angle of inclination, which widens incident light angle. Optical characteristics of this magnitude mean that the sensor can handle bright lenses including powerzooms."

Be ready to expect an even more portable S110 copycat from Sony but with the super bright lens.

Also Panas f2.8 superzoom copycat will be possible.

Apart from the ability to be installed with the bright lens, it has increased electron count ratio of saturation signal level by approx. 35% over the current Sony sensors which will close the IQ Gap between the BSI 1/2.3' and 1/1.7' camera models.

BUT what I really wanted to show you, is a GREAT new feature of this Sony sensor -

it is 4K video/stills recording (4000x3000!!!) at 35-40 fps!!! Which equals 40fps all-pixel scan full 12MP burst speed!!!

It is the perfect sensor for sports and bright lenses.

Look for the new cameras coming middle of 2013 equipped with bright lenses and new 1/2.3' Sony sensors unless Sony designers&engineers will discover another flaw in its products.


LOL! sorry folks Dimitri just cracks me up.

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