Do RAWs have default settings in the file and how can I use them in ACR?

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Re: Do RAWs have default settings in the file and how can I use them in ACR?

richardplondon wrote:

As already explained ACR (and DNG conversion) will read the RAW sensor pixels but not the metadata interpretation instructions from the camera or what you modified in DPP but instead substitute Adobe's profiles. In the case of .jpg and some Adobe products set the preferences not to open the .jpg in ACR to avoid modifying the image already modified with DPP by yet applying Adobe standard or its fixed camera profiles. There are two ways in Adobe products to open .jpgs and that should be in the File menu selection.

Adobe camera profiles / Adobe Standard etc are only applied for proprietary Raw / Raw based DNG files, and cannot be selected or applied (deliberately, or by default) for an already-converted bitmap file such as JPG or TIFF. So this kind of double-processing does not happen; unless you actively set LR or ACR to do some kind of deliberate, initial, other adjustment.

IMO the better way to think about the in-camera settings, as they relate to JPG and to Raw, is to treat the camera as a dual-purpose item. One purpose is to make pictures with, and the other is to capture Raw data with... like, exchangeable medium-format backs where you can load one with instant-use Polaroid, another with develop-later film.

If one conceives of the camera this way, it is not self-evident that one (internally processed JPG) is any kind of a template for the other (initial Raw conversion externally). The effective exposure latitude etc are different in the two cases, and this must be predicted and allowed for both with duly adjusted exposure technique, and with subsequent conversion strategies.

This is, in effect, to regard the camera JPG as merely one among many different equally valid possible conversions; one made with limited control in less than ideal circumstances.

Only if one has the opposite conception, and regards Raw initial and subsequent processing as if it SHOULD be "an especially flexible variant on the JPG", does incompatibility of the Raw converter with the in-camera settings (which are evident in a camera JPG) become a dominant issue.

It is not just a matter of different software supporting in-camera image settings to a greater or lesser degree - it is also a matter of different people pressing their shutter button with different technical expectations about those settings (useful, vs irrelevant).

Well written Richard.  A great summary explanation to the major differences of raw to jpg.

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