shopping for compact canon...opinions sought

Started Dec 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
PaulRivers Veteran Member • Posts: 7,420
Re: shopping for compact canon...opinions sought

clearzoom wrote:


I suggest G15 for its great use, image IQ and also does great job in low light, but cost lot more than your budget. G12 can get you cheaper, but dont have 1.8 fast lens like G15

and G15 goes into Jeans and my family likes it due to small size, and they rejected my Nex due to its size

The g15 is huge in comparison.

I can't imagine how one could comfortably walk around with the g15 in their pants pocket. The s100 is already pushing it for me - that's great it works for you, but for the vast majority it's just to big to carry around with any degree of comfort. (In a jeans pocket).

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