Is prior DSLR ownership needed to appreciate a NEX?

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Re: Is prior DSLR ownership needed to appreciate a NEX?

Larry251 wrote:

Just some random musings

It seems many of those who really love their NEX cameras come from a background where they used a DSLR first (or still have one) and appreciate the freedom a smaller camera with a large sensor gives them. I have seen posts from many people (myself included) who come to the NEX as an upgrade from a point and shoot who ask either before or after purchase whether a DSLR would be (or might have been) a wiser upgrade path. Sometimes there is also a certain amount of initial disappointment with a purchase despite a big potential difference in image quality from the point and shoot.

Do you think to fully appreciate the NEX (or another mirrorless camera for that matter) one really needs to use a DSLR first?

There is actually a third group. I didn't had any camera before. I heard about the NEX and was finally happy about a small camera with almost all manual control.

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