Sell A700 for A77 During Current $300 Promotion?

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Chet Meyerson
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Re: Sell A700 for A77 During Current $300 Promotion?

I purchased an a77 during this promotion and have been comparing it daily for a week to my A700. It's quite the camera and is far better overall than the A700. The 16-50 mm lens is really nice. I was using the 16-105 on the A700 and will sell that lens and just keep the original kit lens for the a700.

Reading the forums about noise etc on the a77 can really make someone wonder about the camera. My opinion is try it yourself and make your own decisions (do you own pixel-peeping).

An aside, my Minolta 70-210 lens is wonderful on the a77!! Here is a shot highly cropped that I took yesterday! It's says it all.Hand held!! Very little post processing! Think the 77 is a keeper!

Tahl wrote:

I just checked ebay and some recent sales of the A700 are around $400. I have been eyeballing the A77 as an upgrade and to add the ability to capture HD videos. The videos will be family and some corporate shoots that will end up on YouTube. I don't feel like I really have a reason to keep the A700 as a backup. I feel like this should be a no brainer. Anyone else make a similar move during this promotion?

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