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Noses out of focus

Three points of views to the topic of blurry noses:

When looking at people's faces, generally one looks into the eyes, and not on to noses. On a good portrait, of a human or animal, the observer automatically will do the same - consequently one will not even notice the effect of the shallow DOF.

Secondly, such a picture presents what our eyes see: human vision at short distances features a very shallow DOF.

Increasing the DOF into the frame would make the background less burred (unless one works in a studio set up ...) - an effect you surely will not want.

BTW: very nice pictures, beautiful dogs, very good IQ.

Have you guys heard about the chap in New Zealand training his three dogs to drive (manual, stick gear shifts !) cars, modified to fit canine anatomy ? Must be a hoax. Yet CBS and CBC both reported the event.



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