NY post publishes photo of man about to die

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Re: NY post publishes photo of man about to die

DuaneV wrote:

tkbslc wrote:

DuaneV wrote:

I don't care WHAT I was carrying, I would have dropped it and ran to the man to try and help pull him up. Used to be a time when people helped each other and didn't stand around watching let alone snapping photos. Saying you were trying to get the conductors attention by "firing your flash" is 100% complete bull____!!!!!

You mean as someone who has time to sit and think about what they might do, you think you would have ran and helped were you in that situation. But the truth is that you have no idea how you would react. It's easy to say you would do something.

Were I standing on a platform, saw someone on the tracks like that image depicts, I CERTAINLY wouldn't grab my camera, turn it on, turn on the flash, etc., etc., etc., and start snapping away because I THOUGHT it might get the conductors attention. That's a load of bull. The guy knows what he did was wrong and is trying to cover his ass. Simple as that. If he had enough time to think that and follow through with it, he had enough time to do something else. He was trying to cash in on a shocking image, as was the paper, and its deplorable.

As long as we are making assumptions, I choose to assume he already had his camera out and ready and did not, as you imply, watch the man die while he slowly set up his camera.

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