Is prior DSLR ownership needed to appreciate a NEX?

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Re: Is prior DSLR ownership needed to appreciate a NEX?

This is an interesting topic, thanks for posing the question.

My first DSLR was a Pentax K10D that I bought in mid 2007.  It was a great camera that helped to teach me manual controls and about the exposure trinity.  I used it for a number of years and even added a Pentax film slr into the mix at one point.  The Pentax helped to inspire confidence in my shooting because of the weather sealed body.  I had no worries about taking it outside into a raging thunderstorm, however, that confidence got the better of me.  The summer of 2010 I decided to strap the camera to a kayak, and when I hit some rapids and flipped over I submerged my camera.  After that it was dead and has now become a nice looking bookend.  As luck would have it though, right before that trip I had bought a new Nex-5 with the two lens combo.  Its small size and mainly low weight attracted me (The Pentax felt like a brick, especially after hanging from my neck for any length of time).  The Nex became my only digital camera for close to two years.  I missed having easy access to all my manual controls though, so when the time came for me to think about getting a new camera I almost pulled the trigger on a K-5, but then, along cam the Nex-7.  The Nex-7 had all the manual controls I felt that I needed and the focus is fast enough for my style of shooting, so I decided to buy.  I have no regrets on my purchase, and can honestly say it is the best camera I have ever had.  And every time I think that a DSLR might have been nice, I just go pick up my old K10D and am reminded how much it weighs and how much I prefer the small form of the Nex.

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