Nikon 14-24 refresh?

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Re: Nikon 14-24 refresh?

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

Bob, I'm glad you and Teddy love your 14, but it's not sharp in the corners, especially compared to the 14-24, or the Zeiss or the Samyang. As a matter of fact, it's fuzzy and washed out. Don't even come back with any of that "my copy" b.s., either. Everyone knows this, which is why it's considered a dud in the Nikon lineup. As far as "impairing creativity," that's just dumb, sorry.

I wish you would stop being provocative and appear dumb for that matter! You better talk from your own experience instead of referring to "tests" all the time about lenses you've never had enough experience of yourself! Your 10-24 is worst than 12-24 in everything (still an OK lens) and the 14mm has values that no other lens but the Zeiss 15mm shares (main one being its superb presentation). True photographers, don't require sharp corners wide open in UWs nor they pixel peep for sharpness, fact sharpness isn't the first they consider when buying a lens. Nor they use AF with their WAs or mistake field curvature with sharpness... they adapt their DOF accordingly and use it to their benefit.... It's just the difference between photographers and funboys!

Neither tests mean much to them for that matter!


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