How often do you actually print your work? and how?

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Re: thanks for all the great ideas

lukep wrote:

I also now print more 4x6 after events and trips and just have the kids put them in a photo book

As one poster said, if we leave them on our computer we will be the only ones to look at them

Mr Ep,

On the contrary.....

As I'm an ole git, I have many photo albums of prints made in the olden days, when celluloid and chemicals were involved.  Before the advent of digital, I looked at them once in a blue moon.  Sometimes one or even two family members would crowd 'round to look as well (three or more can't really see them properly).

Talking of seeing them properly, I never could at 6X4 so they were 5X7.  Even those were a bit disappointing so I had many 10X8s, all of which cost a small fortune.  Happily, all those old pics worth looking at are now scanned and in the PC.

I say "happily" because now they are so much more accessible.  They can be discovered via the keywords I have added, unlike with the albums.  We can have a dozen folk in the room all viewing them as themed slideshows at a decent size on the 30" screen.  We have many a slideshow, so the old photos along with the newer digital ones, are used time and time again.

It also costs nowt to copy all these photos out to people elsewhere.  There's nearly 20,000 now to choose from.

You might by now be getting a sense of my views about printing in this digital age.  Nice big ones to a high standard and properly framed then hung?  Certainly, I have about 130 of those around wore hoosey.  Little tidgy prints in a cardboard box or a clumsy expensive album?  Not a chance.  I can't afford it, especially as no one would bother looking at them. It is 2012 you know.

SirLataxe, always surprised when folk hang on to redundant old habits.

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