AARRRGGHH! Missed the UPS Guy Delivering my GH3

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Re: Not true

If the package requires a signature they will wait. Mine does. But for some reason less stuff sent through the USPO requires a signature. Perhaps UPS requires it for items over a certain value. All the carriers will drop something on the steps if a signature is not required. Once I had UPS drop some fancy chocolates at the back porch and by the time I figured out where they were racoons had eaten them. UPS just gets into the weird re-delivery loop with signature-required goods if you don't sign the little paper and designate a neighbor for delivery and make sure they will be home.... Don't know why but it always seems worse with them, even compared to Fed-Ex.

Yes the postal service does deliver at various times depending on where you are on the route, and during the holidays when they make extra package delivery trips.

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