The GX1 / G15 question ?

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Re: The GX1 / G15 question ?

From the real resolution perspective,

Canon G1X is a clear winner, especially in RAW.

However, G15 is a leader in its class.

Imatest Resolution Charts

Also whether G15 can deliver same IQ using ISO2000 in JPEG as G1X using ISO 8000 is open to a debate.

Canon G1X ISO8000 JPEG

Here is a crop at 100% from the ISO12800 JPEG image made with G1X

Canon G1X ISO12800 JPEG (crop at 100% pixel level)

At 28mm G15 would require ISO6400, at 110mm ISO3200,

I do not think that the G15 IQ at 100% magnification will be similar or better.

However, G15 is the best camera in its price range beating even more expensive competitors.

For folks who need a pants-pocketable solution it is the best choice that is available on the market.

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