Setting up my new iMac

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Re: Setting up my new iMac

Lord of the Badgers wrote:

so anyway...

what's the screen like? C'mon, don't keep us in suspense... it's what we all want to know! Is it as nicely non-reflective as hinted?

Unfortunately I can't tell you yet, since it arrived late yesterday and I've not unpacked it, except to pull out and try the trackpad I ordered, because I already have the wireless mouse. I've been keeping an eye on the answers and opinions here, and doing a lot of housekeeping and purging of loads of unwanted stuff from my old iMac. The idea of a clean installation is tempting, but I think I'll go for a straight transfer of my spring-cleaned software and files and keep my fingers crossed. Maybe tomorrow, if I have the time, I'll unpack the new one.

Thanks for all the info and opinions that everyone has sent. Useful stuff for me, since I'm a few years behind with my hardware updating.

And I'm not keen on the trackpad. It's very versatile and takes up very little space, but I find the mouse much quicker to use, and more accurate. Old habits, perhaps. Right now, I'm running the two of them, side by side, but the trackpad will most likely go back into its box.


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