GH2 3rd party adapter options

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Re: GH2 3rd party adapter options

Adapters need to be m4/3 on the body side and match the adapted lensmount on the lens side. Aperture is controlled by the aperture ring on the lens if it exists, or an aperture ring on the adapter for non-4/3 lenses w/o aperture rings, or by the body for 4/3 lenses.

Starting with the lensmount, Tokina, Osawa and other 3rd-part lens mfrs make lenses in many different lensmounts. You're not telling us what mount the Tokina/Osawa lenses are, whether they're MF or AF, so there's no way to tell what adapter is needed. They could be for Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Minolta, Oly OM, etc, etc, etc. You need to find out the lensmount.

You're not asking anything about image quality, are you assuming that all lenses priced similarly will have the same image quality?

You're also not asking about focusing and handling, there will be significant differences there as well.

My take is:

Tokina 70-210mm (50€): Need to know lensmount and whether MF/AF. Can only guess re: IQ and handling. Tokina has offered many different 70-210 zooms over the past 30+yrs, no way to tell what this is without more info.

Olympus Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm (80€): Absolutely the best choice for IQ and probably handling. Requires the most expensive adapter, but will retain (slow) AF, aperture/exposure control through body like any native m4/3 lens, and lens is designed for 4/3 sensor so best IQ.

Osawa 60-300mm (30€): Need to know lensmount, likely worst IQ. Osawa is/was a 2nd/3rd-tier rebrander, never offered a premium product.

Pentax-FAJ AF 75-300mm (80€): Pentax K>M4/3 adapter; likely reasonably good image quality, OK but not great handling; aperture controlled by lens aperture ring.

Olympus OM Zoom 85-250mm (100€): Oly OM>M4/3 adapter; likely decent image quality, decent handling; aperture controlled by lens aperture ring.

Nikkor AF 70-300mm (100€): Need to know lens version, but probably an AFS-G lens, so Nik G>M4/3 adapter; reasonably good image quality, poor handling; aperture control by aperture ring on adapter.

What would be the most future-proof investment, mount-wise?

Adapters are much less expensive than lenses, why limit yourself to a particular lensmount? Nikon probably has the widest range of same-mount lenses, dating back to the early 1960s, so a Nik G adapter would fit the widest range of lenses. Others might argue for Pentax K-mount.

You might also want to find yourself a primer on buying used lenses. You need to know how to evaluate them. Is the glass clear, aperture/focus/zoom mech OK? There are lots of affordable used lenses with hazed or fungused lens elements, oil on aperture blades, etc.

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