If Olympus designers or spies are reading

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Re: If Olympus designers or spies are reading

rrr_hhh wrote:

I have middle sized hands for a woman, but I prefer he handling of the E-P3 : in it everything was perfect : I prefered the wheel around the fourways controller to the main (back) wheel on th E-M5 because I can't reach it comfortably, my thumb is too short. Without grip, the Fn1 button is difficult to reach. With grip, the Fn1 button becomes easier to reach for me, but then the Fn2 button is to much in the back and more difficult to reach.

I couldn't agree more with this.  Except I have the ep-2 not the 3.  On the pen everything seems just right, the om-d for some reason i find awkward more so without the half grip.

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