Is prior DSLR ownership needed to appreciate a NEX?

Started Dec 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
Dan_168 Veteran Member • Posts: 8,575
It's the NEX 7 makes me appriciate my DSLR a lot more

I know i am in the NEX forum here so i do expect some flame but that's perfect fine with me. i am on the opposite side, a long time SLR user, about 20+ years since high school days, and currently shooting with 1D2, 1Ds2,1Ds3 D800E, also own a NEX7, after using the NEX 7 for a while for leisure i actually appreciate SLR A LOT more than before, i never even thought about it all these year but just keep on shooting with them, now i actually realize how much more comfortable working with a SLR than those little camera.

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