Interesting comments by National Geographic photographer

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Re: Interesting comments by National Geographic photographer

jydurocher wrote:

Worst ever photographer!

When you land at his opening page, you see an ugly, out of focus, unable to count the pixels, unsharp photo of a monk vacuming a temple. Not a flying bird! Not the hair on a dog! ot even leaves on a tree!

A monk vacuming a temple!

I don't get it. Apart from his sense of composition, editorial decision making, technical expertise, why on heart would National Geographic commission anything from him? Don't they know how unsharp his pictures are according to OUR sacred values here on the Sony Alpha forum. The only source of truth about what a good picture and video are? Don't they count pixels?

His photos are typical of the junk found in NG. I have no idea why but NG loves out of focus, shake the camera images that make no sense.

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