Need an extra V1 body for cheap?

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Re: be careful on values here...

richard cohen wrote:

i might be.....:-D

i have a j1 2 lens kit already, but the v1 kit was really cheap so i bought it. now my wife is using the j1 and i'm using the v1. a couple of the accessories weren't needed so they were sold, but i'm keeping the camera, lens and flash. i have the 30-110 from the j1 kit so i'm set on lenses for what i need...although the j1 stuff was white, so now when i strap the 30-110 onto the v1 it looks like an oreo!

i'm tempted to buy one of the bandh $799 kits to see where i could piece it out via ebay...sometimes you get higher prices there.

yeh I was considering the 799 deal but then checked the current selling price of the was too close of a call since I didn't want the 'kit' and would sell off several pieces.

the oreo is going to get some attention...I wonder what the red (I assume it is an anodize on the lens) will look like after a few years of UV.


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