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Re: To Red Rush...Bangkok Price--Swivel LCD

Yup! More so, with the 24mm wide-angle lens, I can easily include my wife and daughter in the shot as well! You just have to take care to look at the lens and not the LCD when pressing the shutter (easier said than done with a 1 year old!). My wife's Nikon D5100 has the flippy screen as well - but it is no fun reaching out arm's length with a camera+lens that clocks in at about 1kg or so... The little Samsung EX2F is GREAT for such shots. I know there are many people who prefer a tilting screen rather than a fully-articulated one, but for me, a fully-articulated one is always better...

Hmm - as an update, shots from the last few days seemed to be slower than usual, and blurrier than the first few days... I just found out that it was my own user-error (I left the ND filter on!!!)... Instead of the 'beginner' guides whenever you change to P/A/S/M modes, etc, I would much prefer if Samsung gave a (more prominent) alert on leaving the ND filter on - I think this would be something that some users may forget about after a while...

As an aside, I wanted to replace the (cumbersome) neck strap with a wrist-strap - and the best I could see (while out and about today) was the OpTech Cam Strap QD - unfortunately, the store only had this in pink (not to my taste...). Luckily, I remembered that I had an 'extra' wrist-strap that came with a Sony camera case a couple of years earlier (in black, slim profile, leather strap) - perfect for the Samsung (and the Sony logo is only embossed into the black colour - so not likely to attract attention unless someone is really looking for the 'brand').

I also bought a National Geographic small camera bag, which gives a pretty comfortable fit for the Samsung; and the Sony wrist-strap makes it easier to store the cam in the bag than the Samsung neck strap. The NatGeo bag is this one: http://www.amazon.com/National-Geographic-NG-A1212-Vertical/dp/B003WE9MCI - very discreet... So, I guess that with this discreet bag, and the Samsung's 24mm f/1.4 lens, I can go on safari to take close-up shots of lions in the dark!!*

*Hehe, of course not...**

**As good as it's low-light capabilities are, the close-up shots of lions will have to be in good light!

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Thanks very much for the info. One more question, when you have time. Can the LCD be turned around to face the shooter for self-portraits?


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