AARRRGGHH! Missed the UPS Guy Delivering my GH3

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Re: AARRRGGHH! Missed the UPS Guy Delivering my GH3

ryan2007 wrote:

Ann Chaikin wrote:

I can't believe it. We were home the entire day and evening but somehow UPS managed to leave the "I'll come back tomorrow" message without us hearing them while we were watching a movie on TV. I am so frustrated and tomorrow we have somewhere we have to be in the morning. The note says he'll be back after 2 pm. I really hope so as we can skip some of our plans and be home before 2. If he comes earlier we are screwed. Dang! I was so looking forward to getting the camera today. Yes, I am not a happy camper. Sigh.

What you do and I did for this was you print out the UPS tracking information that says signature required and has all the timing and location of your package.

You write this note. "UPS Driver please leave package, Sign and date it."

Instead of writing, "sign and date it" you should probably actually sign and date it.  

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