My first Foveon camera (i'm impressed)

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Re: My first Foveon camera (i'm impressed)

Jaelkay wrote:

Doubleluca wrote:

Jaelkay wrote:

victorgv wrote:

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SigmaChrome wrote:

Jaelkay wrote:

Well done, Dickie.

The first image is very, very sharp but the clouds have a strange coloured fringe around them.

No they don't.

They sure do.

They sure don't

Get your eyes checked. Get a decent display. Remove your Sigma bias.

I just wonder why you, we, all MUST look mostly for defects instead of appreciate what is good in a picture. We are not here to demonstrate that SIGMA camera are the best cameras in the market

I own Sigma cameras and have done so since the SD9. I am still sick to death of the crap sky colours and the green and purple splotches in many of the photos coming from them.

The photo I commented on shows a sky of really Technicolor/Disney proportion and there is a fringing, lighter cloud formation around the main cloud body, which has a green and unhealthy tinge to it.

I don't have to look for defects from Sigma. They smack me right in the face.

My ??? would be then why do you still use them instead of one of the other offerings from others. If I had something that I was as disappointed as you sound with sigma I would get rid of it. I dont tolerate being slapped in the face.

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