MagFilter vs Lensmate Adapter vs ?? for rx100?

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Re: MagFilter vs Lensmate Adapter vs ?? for rx100?

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what do folks around here use? any bad experiences people should know about? anything you love?

I wish they'd get a Seller in UK as I quite fancy that for slimness.

You don't need a seller in the UK. Buy directly from the company. They ship worldwide.

Yes but the trouble is that many/most of US Sellers that will ship to UK seem to add on quite a bit for Postage (B&H are quite awful for this.. huge extra...) that makes the incoming value higher and you never can be sure that even a small item like this is then not going to have MORE added for Import duties etc..and THAT then entails adding our 20% VAT tax AND some soirt of handling charge I believe. It's a bit uncertain to say the least, what it will cost in the end..

Having said that I do remember one UK-er on here did say he'd had one sent..I think it was reasonable post and it came without charge.. maybe he was lucky !!

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Staffordshire, UK

For what it's worth they charge 10 USD for shipping to the UK and use USPS. I ordered one sent to Canada and our customs didn't charge any tax (13%) because the value was so low.

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