Zeiss 24mm : good price?

Started Dec 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
de7geitjes Forum Member • Posts: 84
Re: Zeiss 24mm : good price?

For me the combination of that high price, the tad softness wide open and the fact that i don't need it just yet makes it for me that it isn't worth it. But hey i can sense you really need it for your kids pictures so maybe you should get it.

Also my house and my parents house is rather big and lots of room inside to move around so a SEL50F18 which i have is for me good enough that also makes me think a Zeiss 24F18 is not worth it.

My life motto is: Good things will come to the people who wait, but don't wait too long

And one correction, i THINK logically the 24F18 is also good for indoor pictures because my SEL50F18 made so good pictures indoors, i can't praise something i have never used or owned.

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