Zeiss 24mm : good price?

Started Dec 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
de7geitjes Forum Member • Posts: 84
Re: Zeiss 24mm : good price?

I understand your point of view you want a fast WA lens which is also sharp with autofocus. I have the same problem, but I am a very patient person and will wait for the 32F18 from zeiss for the e-mount hoping it is just a tad sharper wide open than the 24F18. In the mean time you can just use your SEL50F18 which I had only minor problems using it indoors. Otherwise learn to manual focus very fast, I heard it can be done when you practice alot, then you can use a manual focus 24mm lens.

If i were you learn to use a standalone flash for now with your kitlens and be patient sooner or later a cheaper autofocus fast 24mm will come out. On the other hand your kids only stay this young for a short amount of time so maybe you don't have that luxury of time. Maybe you should buy that new Zeiss from the british store.

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