Tethering the new iPad to Nikon DSLRs

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Ralf Ronander
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Re: Question for Bob

Michael Firstlight wrote:

Is it worth doing? Well, if you want something that does image transfer 4-6 times faster than every other option and can support large image files, in a word, yes.


Battery option noted.

But you still need the cradle, even if you can tuck everything into a handle. And you still need a PC, yes?

I don´t see how you get 4-6 times faster transfer compared to a USB cable direct to your tablet, and as of your writing (if I haven´t misunderstood) you still has to keep within 10 meters.

Sorry, compared to the wired option I don´t see the upside unless I have really missed something.

That said, I would love a little dongle that you can connect directly to the D800 and that does transfer at much higher speed than 480 Mbit/s at a reasonable price - and that is working at more than 10 meters.....

Why Nikon (or a 3rd party) doesn´t supply a transmitter with good performance that fits in the hot shoe is beyond me.

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