GH3 and EM5 ISO 3200 JPG test

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Re: d800 is 3 stops ahead of OM-D in JPEG

Kim Letkeman wrote:

christosthegreek wrote:

Kim Letkeman wrote:

christosthegreek wrote:

I just haven't seen video from the GH3 that has impressed me more than others. I'm happy to admit the numbers of the GH3 look good but where's a decent video sample?

Why don't we wait until there are a few out there in the wild .... the videographers kind of need some time to shoot and edit their videos

From what I understand the film industry isn't about to switch to GH3's. Video on a DSLR is a "nice to have". first and foremost it's a "stills" camera.

Look around at the high bit rate stuff coming off the GH2 and then imagine it being better, which is what the latest experience reports appear to be showing ...

The GH3 is a hybrid camera with excellent stills and video. The OM-D is too, with excellent stills and good video.

Sorry, but there are a lot of articles out there on GH2 and GH3 video and the OM-D is not mentioned often at all. It's just not a player. I don't see why you think it should be ...

I don't know much about video, hardly ever use it on the OMD. I tend to not look at the numbers but more so examples and I just haven't seen any that impress me. I might be wrong on this one and I'm happy to admit it. i would have thought Panasonic would have employed a pro to make some samples.

Well, I'm not sure what you could be wrong on. You are only saying that you have not been impressed with early sample videos. How could that be an error? There aren't that many yet.

I could be wrong too ... the initial backlash was nasty, but cooler heads appears to be prevailing now with the early reports. I'm sure we'll be seeing high bit rate samples soon enough ...

Enough time has passed and nothing is coming through. According to the specs GH3 is better than OMD on video but show me the difference! Numbers are one thing. Being able to achieve the numbers is another thing. Show me! Also show me 3 stop difference between micro 4:3 and FF.

So far it's just all talk and no action from you! Come on, back up you claim and show raw files for us to work on and video for us to work on. Oh, that's right you don't even own an OMD or GH3 you just messing with some jpeg files on the internet. dude get real!

I don't know what camera you use. It doesn't matter to be honest but you are not scientific or clever or logical enough to convince me.

Maybe you have a D800. Maybe you have a p&s, i think a p&s from 1997!

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