Question on using the p7700 with manual focus setting

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Re: Question on using the p7700 with manual focus setting

Baraseth wrote:

I am new to the p7700 (from my Canon 60d) and am having difficulty with the display settings if I try to use manual focus (where you can change the focus point by moving the wheel in the back). If I set manual focus rather than the center focus, then all my other informational data (such as aperture, shutter speed, histogram) disappears. The only information displayed is the manual focus icon with the directional arrows.

In order to see the aperture, shutter speed etc. I toggle back and forth between the manual focus button and the center focus button by hitting the "OK" button.

Is there a way to see both manual focus and the other data at the same time, such as something in the control settings? If not, are there any other methods around this limitation that p7700 users have found?

Arrows around focusing brackets informs you that the camera is switched in the mode in which you choose focus point. If you half press shutter, information about aperture and shutter speed will be displayed. I don't know how to do this another way.

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