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Re: Shutter Shock seems most apparent in Aperture Priority

Algreen345 wrote:

I get shutter shock, if that's what it is, primarily in Aperture priority and often in low light. Its not every frame, but there are many where I see this. I also get it only on auto focus lenses. With legacy lenses, I can be out of focus but I don't see shutter shock.

Switch the mode dial to Auto, SCN, Art, or P and I don't see it. Haven't tried Shutter Priority or Full Manual yet.

Anyone else observe this?

There are critical speeds for shuttershock. Depending on the lens it can kick in somewhere between 1/60 and 1/200 sec. I don't think it has anything to do with the shooting mode. Shuttershock is an unwanted vibration which doesn't show up when the speed is fast enough (the movement is freezed) or long enough (the shake didn't persist long enough to imprint the sensor).

May be that when you were in scene mode the amera wasn't picking one of these problematic shutterspeeds.

A good way to avoid then s to use the 1/8 sec. antishock. To activate it, look in the cogwheel menu, it is near the end of the exposure/ISO section.

When you expose a shot, the shutter close down (it goes out of the liveview mode), then open and shut down for the time of exposure and then reopen for liveview again, the first closure of the shutter is what creates the shuttershock and the antishock will close the shutter in advance, thus eliminating the cause of blurr. Note that the closure of the shutter is what creates the blurr, more than the reopening. At the time of the second closure, the sensor is already exposed, so there is nomore the risk of remaining vibrations.

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