Video test: A99 #2 vs EM5

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Shield3 wrote:

asdf photographer wrote:

johnbee wrote:

photo chris wrote:

You would be wrong. Everything was in focus from the front to the back as it measured 11" - well within the DOF range of roughly 3 feet. I checked it with focus magnify in "M" mode, it was sharp front to back. Nice try though, perhaps you can conjure up some other BS explaniation. Next time I'll fire off a still as well to demonstrate. Start working on your next theory now. Enjoy your camera and please post some "better video."

I admire your conviction, though I prefer to let the evidence speak for itself. If you look closely, you can clearly see the gradual focus falloff within the scene.

I'd try with another lens, f-stop and manual focusing just to be sure. As I said, I have video here taken with a much cheaper lens that is extremely sharp in comparison. And so I'm thinking that's no coincidence.

This is 100% correct and the same thing I saw with large 1st sample you provided. The focus is off (on purpose). Then your second re-post you went through the trouble of cropped out the incriminating evidence of the front edge of the table... Mmmm.

Why would anyone seriously purposely sabotage a test? To what end? You see he clearly owns the camera as I did. Did he draw all the moire on the roof in Microsoft paint as well? Geesh guys. Come on now.

You are tying so hard to find allies that A99 is a crappy video camera. Goodluck with that. You sold yours so move on now.

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