Nokia 808: Level of detail

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Re: Nokia 808: Level of detail
mojo34 wrote:

I'm going to buy the app, it's only 3€, but I can't figure out why the images are so huge. I did a pixel-to-pixel comparison of some photos available on the Pureview Club forum, and at that level the quality of the photos is the same. On the other hand, Camera Pro gives you about 1000 more vertical pixels.

The original files have a JPEG quality setting of 85%, Camera Pro allows to set it to 100%. But the Camera Pro interface is not as fast and easy to use as the original interface. And it locks while writing the file, which is quite a while for full res files. Still, it is worth the money, because it has some nice features (virtual horizon for example)

CameraPro also gives access to the full sensor information, while the original application only outputs the 4:3 or 16:9 crop. That's why there are more pixels.

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