Running or similar photography with Nex-7??

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Re: What I wanted to know was..

Gearóid Ó Laoi, Garry Lee wrote:

had anyone worked out a setting combination which enabled one to shoot keeping the subject(s) in focus. It appears not.

The continuous AF with the 50 f1.8 which I was trying this morning just hunts back and forth at infinity. It probably would be better with Single AF...

Going to lug my Canon with a big lens...

For described situation, you will get much better results with a Canon 1D M IV without a doubt. But with some training, you can obtain acceptable results with NEX 7 too. Significatntly lower keepers rate, is to be expected from the native of a CD based AF.

I did some tests while ago when I compared NEX 7 with Samsung NX 200, in a very difficult lighting conditions, so if you are interested you can check them here:

and using MF lenses here:

Obviously, tennis involve different kind of subject movements with a less - straight to the camera, but more erratic movement. For the running, I would suggest using MF and pre focusing to the area where you expect your subject to come, in a combination with a fast burst drive. Considering distance, FL and resulting DOF, and shutter speed of 1/500s and faster, you should be able to get 1-2 sharp shots out of 10.

Out of curiosity, I would also try face detection mode, with a tracking engaged, if you pre-register yours daughter face, just to see what the camera will do to identify her in the group.

You might take your NEX 7 as a backup anyway and give it a try. I guess we would all like to see the result.

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