Zeiss 24mm : good price?

Started Dec 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
de7geitjes Forum Member • Posts: 84
Re: Zeiss 24mm : good price?

Hans von der Crone wrote:

I might be able to pick one up for about € 750. Is this a good price? Mint condition, about a year old.

I can get a 2nd hand as well here in Holland for that price but just for 50 more and you can have a brand new one from that store above my post. A rather bad deal i think. But still i think the price should be lower than 800 euro, it a very good lens but for that amount of money i am expecting a lens which is excellent. Wide open this lens is still abit soft and the bokeh is very good but with that focal length don't expect to see alot of bokeh in normal situations.

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