Why are kit lens' pictures like P&S?

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Re: Kim, there have been demonstrations of pros demonstrating what P&S cameras can do.

KimChu wrote:

my point is that most camera manufacturers are enticing new users (mostly from P&S) to switch to dslr or mirrorless with comeons like better image quality, high iso, shallow dof similar to pro phtographers, etc.

Yes ... that's how marketing works.  That's how it has worked for decades (at least).  Caveat emptor !

the buyers from P&S background that thinks that his entry l;evel dslr with the kit lens can instantly give him those fantastic kinds of shots will soon feel a let down when he takes his new dslr on a photo walk.

And worse, the DSLR often delivers results out of the camera that aren't as pleasing when the new buyer makes his 4x6 prints.  Greater dynamic range results in less punchy images; files that aren't heavily sharpened by default don't look as crisp ...

camera manufacturers should have a disclaimer with the kit lens - "

"You will not be able to takes pictures similar to what you see in Sports Illustrated or National Geographic magazines. If you want those shots then buy our xxmm f1.4 lens that costs $500-$1000"

They should.  But they don't, which is why consumers need to become educated to avoid making mistakes.  That doesn't apply only to cameras.

FWIW, personally, I believe that entry level DSLRs/mirrorless cameras are bad choices for most "consumers" (i.e. people who aren't into photography but just want to take some pictures) if they're going to limit themselves to kit lenses.  I tend to advise people to go for a high end digicam or to seriously consider picking up a simple f/1.8 prime to exploit the large sensor.

OTOH, foolish consumers are subsidizing r&d.

I do see benefits to entry level DSLRs.  They're responsive, they have greater dynamic range and images can be printed larger.  They focus faster and track better.  Outdoor sports in good lighting with a 55-200 or 55-300 is viable.  (At least on a DSLR - based on my experiences with AF on the NEX-5 I wouldn't expect good results).  And even at 55/5.6 on a kit zoom, OOF backgrounds can be achieved (not *as* OOF as with a fast lens, and not if the background is close) and the lens is 1-2 stops faster (in terms of DOF) than prosumer models.  But if your idea of the primary differentiating factor between large sensor cameras and digicams is DOF, yeah, you need faster lenses.

- Dennis

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